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The software available on this website provides users with products that function on the Windows XP operating systems.  You will most likely be able to run the majority of these programs using other Windows operating systems (i.e. Vista, Windows 7, etc.) with a direct installation or thru compatibility mode.  I have not reviewed or provided visitors of this website to software that is compatible with Apple computers, but the link below lists useful iOS applications that are compatible with iPads, iPhones, and iTouch devices.

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Having the proper tools to help a student learn to play the guitar is one of the most important things. On this page you will find downloads for programs that can help you improve your timing, record music, and improve your ability to differentiate between the notes on the instrument. Links to the official websites of those who created the programs are listed, so feel free to explore further. All the programs available on this page have been tested on Windows XP and are freeware, so they are available at no cost. It can take some patience and understanding to get the programs running, so don’t get too discouraged. Please us the "Contact Us" page of this website if you have any questions or if you need versions of these programs for a Mac.

Guitar and Drum Trainer 2

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This program can slow down the playback speed and change the pitch of an MP3. GDT2 is very useful when learning songs, because you can slow the music down and play along with the recording. This gives you a chance to really comprehend each section of an arrangement. You can change the pitch to make a “drop tuned” guitar or a guitar that uses a capo match the tuning on your guitar. Please keep in mind, in order for this software to function properly, Microsoft's NET Framework 1.1 must be installed on your computer.

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Metronomes are a simple tool that lets the instrumentalist hear a steady beat. The THMetronome is a basic metronome for use on a computer. Over the years, retailers and manufacturers of music related products have overpriced these low-tech products, but recently a few tuners with metronomes built in have been made available, giving the consumer more bang for their buck.

Drumstation DT-101
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This tool has a functionality and an interface that is similar to the classic drum machines (aka. step-sequncer) of late 20th century. It is the users job to program the drum beat into this sequencer. Practicing with a drum machine will improve a player's sense of timing, just as a metronome will, but it is usually a bit more interesting to listen to and play along with.

Functional Ear Trainer
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This program tests you on your ability to differentiate between musical notes. It is difficult to apply knowledge gained from ear trainers to the guitar, but it improves your general understanding of music. The basic version of the program limits you to a small selection of notes to choose from and identify. The advanced version of the program allows you to select from a wide variety of notes.

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Many benefits are earned when a musician records music. Listening to music you have recorded gives you a chance to really understand your strengths and weaknesses. It is also a gratifying to be able to share your music with others, and maybe even make some money selling your music. The popularity of Audacity's recording software has made it an industry standard for musicians looking to record on a limited budget.
The Audacity website provides users with updated versions of the programs. Links to plug-ins give the user additional features, such as the Lame MP3 encoder, which allows you to convert recorded tracks saved as WAV files to MP3's.

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The interface for this mulit-track recorder is similar the Cubase graphic user interface (GUI). Cubase is a software industry standard in the world of music production, so using this program allows the user to familiarize themselves with a professional quality GUI. It supports virtual studio technology (VST) effects plugins, thus allowing the user access to a large amount of post-production options.

Anvil 2011
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This software allows you to play and edit MIDI files. I recommend using this program as a tool for ear training. Search online and download simple MIDI arrangements of well known songs. Isolate the melody of the MIDI file by using the mute/solo function on Anvil 2011. Slow the tempo of the music down to a reasonable speed and try to play along with the melody on your guitar.

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